Founded in 2008 on the values ​​of effort, sacrifice and leadership, Giants’ maxim has always been “excellence as a habit”

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After more than 10 years of success in Spain, we look to Europe and the world with enthusiasm. We also want to be one of the world’s leading teams in the esports sector and that our message and ambition transcend barriers and achieve milestones never seen before.

Our experience has allowed us to remain leaders of a dynamic sector that is constantly changing, we are fully adapted to an ecosystem we want to reign over. Currently, we compete in 12 different games with 14 teams supported by a first level technical team that guarantees their development and our competitive success


Our fans are the true engine of our machine, the blue blood that beats from the heart of the giant that allows us to continue doing what we like most: compete at the highest level and dominate the Spanish scene while making sure we are moving, with firm step, in the same direction for the rest of the globe. Our commitment to the fans is eternal and unwavering, there is nothing for us that is more important since we would be nothing without them.

Being one of us is an indescribable feeling, the only thing we can think of is a phrase that characterizes our entire group and that is repeated a lot in social networks after one of our triumphs: “How beautiful it is to be Giants”.

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From our beginnings we have led the main electronic sports competitions of our country and we are very proud to be the maximum Spanish representative on the international scene. Among all the trophies received we can highlight 5 national League of Legends championships, 5 national Call of Duty championships and two FIFA World Cups.

Our club’s commitment to the development of Spanish electronic sport is absolute, which is why we invest a large part of our resources in training and strengthening national talent in our facilities in Malaga (Spain).


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x12 Spain Championship


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x2 Spain Cups

League of Legends

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x2 Master League Portugal


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x3 ESL Masters


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Best portuguese team

Vodafone Giants

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x2 World Championship


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From the moment I embarked myself on this project I knew that it was a winning horse, I knew that it was time to start being part of the future of the digital entertainment industry and I threw myself into it. I am not afraid of being wrong, I am afraid of not moving forward and I think I have not made a better professional decision than this one.

I was always a die-hard fan of traditional sport but this world has conquered my heart, I have never vibrated as I do with our victories or suffered as with defeats. I do not lie if I say that I dream of seeing Giants among the world elite and it is now, more than ever, when I have no doubt that we are on the right path. I think that the only way to predict the future is to build it, so let’s build something that is remembered and that make that dream of mine dream and of all those who make up the Giants family a reality. A dream that is worth it.

We are Giants

José R. Díaz
CEO Vodafone Giants

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