Shanks will represent Vodafone Giants this Saturday in the Red Bull Dragon Ball FighterZ Japan Saga in Tokyo. Our ‘Padre’, who will do his best, faces this challenge with the peace of mind of a secured spot in the World Tour finals in Paris. 

After breaking through Madrid in a qualifying phase with 256 participants and enter the top 4, now is the time to rise to victory in the birthplace of Dragon Ball

Although neither SonicFox nor Go1 will participate in this event, awesome players such as Dekillsage, Wawa or Fenritti will. Analysts point to Shanks as one of the clear favourites, as the rivals who have eliminated him in previous stops don’t compete.

Giants Vodafone player says that after fighting “hard” in Madrid and securing a place for the team, Tokyo is “a respite in this World Tour, but I’ve made a commitment to give it my all. I owe it to the Spanish fans”.

Furthermore, David Alonso, Vodafone Giants Director of Esports, is optimistic: “Joan’s career this season is spectacular, we have great expectations of him”.

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Copyright photos: EVO – Li Hoang